Cam Girl Warns Other Girls to be Cautious

Becoming a sex worker has become one of the easiest things to do for girls all over the world. With webcam sex readily available, becoming a live porn star is one of the easiest jobs to find. Not only is it easy to become a webcam porn model, but it can also become quite lucrative as well with top cam girls earning 6 figure salaries.

cam girl dangers webcam sex

One webcam girl feels it shouldn’t be as popular though. The infamous cam star mentioned that camming is a gateway to much more dangerous acts and can actually be one of the worst things a girl could choose to do.

Here are some of the reasons she mentioned:

Evolves to other types of sex work:

The webcam model that we interviewed told us that most of her cam girl friends started out with just camming, but quickly evolved into more serious sex work. Many cam girls turn towards prostitution, escort services, stripping and other types of adult work. She also said that they start out working as cam girls to pay for their schooling fees or to get through a tough time, but eventually consider doing webcam sex for many more years than anticipated.

Leads to drug and alcohol abuse:

One of the major downsides of becoming a cam girl is that you’ll often need alcohol or other substances such as drugs to perform and entertain for hours at a time. The stress of performing in front of hundreds of viewers for several hours every day pushes many girls to consume more alcohol and take illegal drugs. This creates an addiction that is incredibly hard to get rid of even when quitting the webcam sex industry.

There are many stalkers online:

Another danger that she mentioned was the massive amount of creepy stalkers that hang out on cam sites. She said that even though little to no personal information is provided to viewers, they can quickly find out more about you and some stalkers can even find out where you live. “It’s a dangerous business and you need to lock your doors”, she told us.

Risk of family issues:

The final thing she mentioned was that it’s incredibly difficult for many family members to accept what you do. When you work as a sex worker, online or off, most parents, siblings and other family members won’t want to accept it. It’s not a commonly accepted career path and you must be emotionally and mentally prepared to deal with the loss of some family members. Some family members may even refuse to keep in touch with you for several months or even years.

5 Ways to Be More Spontaneous in a Relationship

Keeping the flame alive in your relationship is of utmost importance if you want to remain a happy couple for many more decades to come. Being spontaneous is a great way to keep that flame alive and it allows sparks to fly just like when the relationship was young and fresh. While being spontaneous is much easier said than done, we have some basic tips that will help you get started on the right track. Here are 5 ways for you to be more spontaneous in your relationship.

spontaneous relationship advice

Mix Up Your Sex Life

Now I’m not talking about going out and finding a partner for a threesome just yet, but there are many ways you can revive your sex life with just a few simple changes. Chances are, if you’ve been with the same person for more than a few months, you’ve both gotten used to the same positions over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that, but switching it up and trying a new position is a simple way to be spontaneous and wild again. It mixes things up and gets both of you excited. If you want to go all out, try buying a couple’s vibrator such as the Lelo or We-Vibe vibrators.

Swap Daily Routines

This is one of the easiest ways for you to become much more spontaneous. If your wife normally prepares dinner and does the dishes, take the initiative to make dinner for a change and take care of cleaning up afterwards. This can literally be applied to any household chores or tasks such as doing the laundry, giving the kids their baths etc.

Go On Last Minute Road Trips

Road trips aren’t just for college buddies and wild cross-country adventures. Get up one morning and hop in the car with your partner and drive away. You don’t even need to determine where you’ll be going; just fill up the car with gas and start driving in any direction. Make sure to have a ton of music, snacks and drinks for the road and share some quality bonding time with your lover.

Make a Change

If you’re at the point in your relationship where you always go out to the same restaurant and never do anything different on date night, it’s time for you to make a change. Simply trying a different restaurant in a different city is a great way to be spontaneous. Change it up and you’ll notice an instant spark. If you normally go out for dinner and movie, change it up by going for a walk in a park after dinner instead of watching a movie. Small changes are all you really need.

Offer to Try New Things

The easiest way to be spontaneous in your relationship is to offer your partner to try new things. It could be as little as going for bike rides together or it could be as big as starting a company together. As long as its something different and something you can both do as a couple.

6 Ways to Make Your Webcam Stand Out as a Cam Girl  

With the newest trend of making money using your webcam, many girls are turning towards cam sites to make an income. Some do it to pay for college, others do it to buy diapers and some just love the thrill of having men (and women) drool over them. While working as a cam girl sounds amusing, it’s not always the easiest job in the world. Sure you get paid to spend time at home completely naked, but getting people to watch your webcam is a whole other story. Fortunately for all of your aspiring cam girls, we have built a list of the top 6 things you should be doing to make your webcam stand out. Enjoy!


  1. Keeping your profile updated is the first step towards attracting people to your cam show. When people see a new cam girl in the list of online performers, they immediately visit the webcam and have a glance at the girl. Then they head on over to that girl’s profile to see what she’s like and what she loves to do on cam. Keeping your profile full of juicy details and updated is a great way to get people to stick around for the full backstage edition of your show.
  2. Turning the lights on is super important. Too many new cam girls appear on cam in dark settings. This is a huge turn off for viewers. Viewers want to see what you look like in near perfection. They want to feel like they can see every single freckle on your body. Turning the lights on is incredibly important, which brings us to our next point.
  3. High definition webcams are a must in this day and age. Don’t opt for standard quality; go for the big HD webcam. They are actually quite affordable and if you plan on making any money as a cam girl, you’ll want to invest in a quality piece of equipment. It’s your main work tool, so go big or go home.
  4. Invest in some lingerie if you plan on luring more men to your webcam. Nothing turns a man on more than some skimpy lingerie that puts your sexy body on display. Go for something that comes with several removable pieces so you can gradually strip for the viewers as tips are sent.
  5. Sex toys are also a great investment. If you want to make it as a cam girl, you’ll need to at least own one sex toy. The more the merrier! Viewers who bring you into private shows will love having the choice between a ton of different sex toys. Consider the newest trend of OhMiBod vibrators.
  6. Last but not least, you must talk. It’s really a game-changer. Guys lose interest when all you do is sit there and wait for tips. If you want to be a successful game girl, you need to become an entertainer. You’ve got to interact with the viewers, talk at all times and even play games with them. Holding contests is a great way to do so.

Have Sex with 7 Girls in 7 Days with These Amazing NSA Dating Tips

Dating online is a wonderful step to take that opens up so many opportunities. Some of you may prefer to use online dating to just have sex. We all need sex and with NSA (no strings attached) dating sites, finding random sex partners in your area is easier than ever. However, it’s still difficult to actually convince someone to meet up with you to have real sex even when searching for it online. For that reason, we want to provide you with tips on how to have sex with 7 girls in 7 days.

sex with girls

Use the proper sites

There are hundreds, even thousands of dating sites online. The key is to avoid the big name dating sites that mainly focus around helping you find love. If your goal is to find a friend with benefits to have random flings with, you’ll want to use fling sites. Fling sites are made specifically for horny people who just want sex with no strings attached.

Sites like Flingster, xMatch, Adult Friend Finder, Passion and even Ashley Madison, all provide you with an environment filled with people seeking sex. Becoming a member on one of these sites allows you to increase your chances of finding sex partners rather than being turned down by people searching for true love.

Get ready to travel

If you’re looking for sex online, chances are you’ll have to send a ton of private messages. If your goal is to have sex with a different girl every night of the week, you’ll want to send dozens of private messages every single day. Out of all those messages, you may get one or two girls who are interested on a daily basis.

sex drive

The unfortunate part is that the girls that respond may not live right next door. Get ready to travel if you want to have sex. You don’t need to drive 8 hours just for sex, but you may have to drive 2 or 3 hours. With time, you’ll find more people who live nearby, but at first, you’ll want to put a side a part of your budget for gas.

Get out of your comfort zone

Make sure to be provocative if you want girls to get wet just thinking of thought of getting naked with you. Upload incredibly naughty pictures of yourself and use angles that really accentuate your body to perfection. Heck, use spray on abs if you have to!

have sex girls

The point is to get the girl to agree to meet up with you for some fun. Chances are, even if you look slightly different in real life, once you’re face to face with the person you will end up having sex either way. So post naughty pictures and be very sexual when sending private messages. When a girl gets wet reading your words, it takes a lot less effort to get her to sleep with you.

How Dating Wrong People is Great for Finding Love

Dating the wrong people – it sucks doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you it was actually a great thing to experience? We all want to find mister and misses right, but settling for mister and misses right now can often be a good thing. Dating the wrong people comes with a ton of advantages, but first lets take a look at the disadvantages.

Drawbacks of dating the wrong people

Dating people that are completely wrong for you seems like a complete waste of time. You’re most likely dating them because you want to have sex, but you truly can’t imagine yourself spending your life with that person.

The biggest, most common drawback of dating the wrong people is that you’ll be making yourself unavailable for the people that are right for you. You may feel like by dating this wrong person, you’re missing out on the perfect partner.

Another drawback is that you may end up liking the wrong person to some degree; ultimately causing you to spend the rest of your life with the wrong person. For instance, if you end up getting pregnant, then you may be stuck with the person you don’t really love for many years to come.

Advantages of dating the wrong people

Now that we’ve covered the drawbacks of dating the wrong people, lets take a look at some of the advantages. First and foremost, dating the wrong people gives you the ability to meet people you probably would have never dated otherwise. This is great because it shows you what you don’t want out of a relationship.

Knowing what you hate from your lover gives you a clearer image of the ideal partner. The infamous phrase “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before finding prince charming” definitely applies here. The more wrong people you date, the more you will know what to search for as an ideal partner.

It can also be a lot of fun. Too many people spend long nights longing about the day they will find their dream partner. These long nights can cause depression and can make you feel very lonely. Rather than spending your nights alone waiting for the perfect lover, get out there and start dating random people that are totally wrong for you. You’ll have a good time and it might actually allow you to find the ideal partner. Dating wrong people is great because they have friends and those friends may be perfect for you.

So get out there and start dating all the wrong people for all the right reasons!

Online Sex – Is It Cheating?

Love is beautiful, complex and incredibly different from one relationship to another. With the internet and mobile dating, finding a new partner is easier than ever, which causes infidelity to reach an all new high. But what is infidelity when it comes to virtual flirting and non-physical hookups? We investigate!

online cheating

How the sexting starts

Sexting is a major problem with many couples. However, most couples who suffer through virtual infidelity have been together for at least one year. While investigating into this matter, we discovered that most couples who begin flirting with others online are simply bored with their relationship. They want to see what else is out there without actually causing any harm to their actual relationship.

While this may seem all fun and games, it can actually do more harm than expected. We met a girl who told us she once found her boyfriend swiping through matches on Tinder. They had been together for over a year and he never actually went through with any of the dates (to her knowledge), but the simple fact of knowing that he would rather fantasize about some other girl made her love him a little less.

When online flirting does actual damage

It usually starts off with people thinking “I’ll just create a quick profile to see if I could still get a date if I were single”. Messages start piling up and then casual online flirting turns into cyber sex sessions with someone who lives not too far away. While this isn’t the case with all users, it certainly does reflect what happens more often than not.

online cheating

While investigating for this article, we had a chat with a girl named Sophie. She told us the following:

“A few years ago I was dating this really amazing guy. I had never loved someone as much as I loved Jake. Then winter came around the corner and I started getting bored on those cold lonely nights. I began exchanging emails with one of my work colleagues. It started off as friendly exchanges where we would gossip about others, but then it gradually evolved into flirting. It quickly went too far and I ultimately did sleep with him.”

Technology isn’t to blame

While most people who end up cheating by use of the internet blame technology for making it too available, technology is not to blame. Infidelity is not forced onto someone, it happens because you’re no longer satisfied with what you already have.

Mobile phones, webcam chat sites and online dating make it easier for you to cheat, but the decision is ultimately yours to make.

Should you Monitor Your Partner’s Online Use

Monitoring your partner’s computer and phone isn’t going to change a thing. It may allow you to find out about it, but they are still going to do it. The important thing for any relationship is trust. Trusting your partner will avoid pushing them away. We don’t recommend that you be overly invasive and monitor every incoming text message or snoop around for potential online dating profiles. Give your lover the benefit of the doubt.

Celebrity Cam Girl Gives Us 5 Tips for Better Webcam Sex  

Webcam sex is exciting, it’s new and it allows long-distance relationships to keep the spark alive. However, even webcam sex tends to get repetitive and boring at times. Ensuring that you have the best time ever is optimal in order to keep it spicy and exhilarating. We had a chat with Nikki Night, a celebrity cam girl, to see what makes her webcam sex sessions so entertaining. She gave us 5 tips that will change the way you have sex on cam. Enjoy!

nikki night

Lighting is Key

Nikki told us that the lighting in the room has the largest effect. It’s the first thing you see and if the lighting is wrong, you’ll be bothered by it the entire cam session. Getting the lighting just right takes some time, so it’s a good idea to figure out what’s best before sharing your webcam with others. She mentions that direct light can make you appear less flattering. The best light is indirect light. She personally uses a desk lamp that points towards the wall so that light bounces back onto her.

Finding the Perfect Angle

The greatest angles will make you appear much more flattering on webcam. Nikki states that the very best angles are either with the webcam on the floor looking up at you or at a higher level with the webcam looking down at you. When the webcam is on the floor pointing up, you appear much taller and it allows viewers to see your whole body.

Mirrors are Your Friend

nikki night

Mirrors make a huge impact when putting on a webcam sex show. Whether you’re displaying your body for one viewer or a hundred, you’ll want to make sure that they can see the whole thing. Placing a mirror to the side or even behind you will allow viewers to see your whole body at all times. It’s also fun to place a mirror on the floor when your webcam is higher up and point down; this allows viewers to see up, which is extremely naughty and fun to watch!

Help Yourself Up

Don’t rely on performing dance moves on all your own; you’re not a professional dancer. If you’re clumsy or need a little assistance, go right ahead. Use a computer chair or even a desk to dance and perform moves with. Plus, lots of guys fantasize about having sex on a girl’s desk.

You’re a Goddess

nikki night

Remember to feel proud of what you’re doing. You’re turning on someone (or many people) simply by looking good and acting sexy. You’re a goddess and never forget how amazingly gorgeous you are. Nikki states that you don’t have to be a size two to get guys drooling over you; she has always been a big beautiful woman and she’s among the most popular cam girls on the internet. Remember to congratulate yourself, because you rock and you’re getting guys hornier than ever!

The Adult Entertainment Industry is Growing Faster Than Ever Before  

The adult entertainment industry has always been a huge success. Sex sells and every business knows it. This fact hasn’t changed over the past several decades. In fact, it’s only becoming a larger industry by the day. Last year, there were over 136 billion sex video views worldwide. Predictions show us that it could reach nearly 200 billion yearly views by the year 2020.

sex industry

Why so much growth

Sure, we are becoming increasingly populated, but that’s not the main reason why the adult entertainment industry is growing so rapidly. Actually, it’s not growing rapidly, it’s growing constantly. Growth has been constant for the past 5 decades and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

So why is there so much growth in this single industry?

The main reason for the adult industry’s constant growth is the increasing amount of ease of access. With the internet, we can quickly access porn flicks, adult webcams and tons of sex photos. It’s easy, so we look at it.

sex online

As the internet becomes available in more regions, more people look at it. It’s as simple as that. Many regions of the world are just beginning to gain access to the internet and soon, more than 80% of the world’s population will have some sort of internet connection. That’s a huge increase and it as humans, we love sex in all shapes and forms.

Smartphones, tablets and smart TVs

As newer technologies are introduced to the world, we continue gaining access to the internet in new ways. With smartphones and tablets, we can easily bring the internet with us on the go. More than half of the adult entertainment industry online is now viewed from a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Smart TVs are also becoming a standard in most homes. These TVs allow us to connect directly to the internet, yet again providing us with another way to access adult content. With so many available sources, we simply spend more time looking at porn.

Niche sites and live cams

Although adult videos are huge in the adult industry, the newer addition of live webcam sex has experienced the most amount of growth. The ability to connect with a real porn star from anywhere in the world and experience one on one webcam sex with them is the wave of the future in the adult industry. Millions of people use live cam sites every month, making it a booming industry that provides us with something new and highly addictive.

niche sex site

Niche sites such as fetish porn is another sub-industry that is experiencing huge amounts of growth. With more and more niche sex sites being launched every week, it has become increasingly simple to quickly fulfill our wildest fantasies. If you love sex, you have nothing to worry about because this industry is on the rise.

Masturbation is Great for Your Relationship  

Masturbation has been a voodoo subject for so many centuries. However, things are changing and now, we can openly talk about it, even with our own parents. Although masturbation is a much more open subject, most of us still feel the need to do it privately, secretly and without our lover knowing about it. It’s terrible to have to hide this act from the person we love the most and it’s actually the wrong thing to do in all ways possible.


Why we keep it a secret

For many, masturbating while in a healthy relationship is considered cheating. Especially when the person doing it looks at images or videos of other people. However, is it really cheating if you’re just pleasuring yourself? For some, there is no doubt that it’s cheating and they will continue thinking of it this way forever. Most guys and girls keep it a secret because they fear what their loved one will think about it.

Why do it on your own?

Why not have sex with me instead?

Howcome you prefer your hand to my soft skin?


These questions often come up when couples openly admit to doing it. Although we feel betrayed, we should see it from a different angle.

Open and healthier relationships

Seeing it from a different angle can change your entire view on life. Some couples are very open-minded and allow their spouse to masturbate whenever they feel the need, using whatever material helps them to achieve their climax. These couples believe that masturbation is a physical need and has little to do with actual love.


We interviewed one couple who lives this way. The wife told us this:

“We aren’t always in the mood at the same time. If I’m tired and he’s in the mood, he masturbates and vice versa. We never fight, we never argue and we never feel jealous. We don’t feel the need to hide it, it’s how us humans are coded. I would much rather know that he’s handling his needs on his own rather than building up unfulfilled desires and ultimately going to see some other women.”

Their way of thinking may seem odd to some, but it’s absolutely normal when you truly think about it. We should all take their example and think about it for a while. Researches have shown us that people who climax daily tend to lead healthier and happier lives. They are in better moods most of the time and are generally nicer people. So why should we prevent our loved one from pleasuring themselves if we’re not in the mood?

Are you Chatting with Dudes When Watching Cam Girls?   

Watching naked women on webcam and browsing cams of gay guys getting undressed would not normally be tolerated by most employers. However, many bosses encourage workers to participate in such activities. As the live cam industry continues to grow, more and more moderators are being hired as full time employees. Their jobs consist of watching cam girls and boys get naked on webcam.


The Job of a Moderator

In the cam site world, moderators are incredibly important. They keep chat room environments safe, but most importantly, they create amazing entertainment. Most viewers blindly imagine that cam girls type all of the text that gets sent, but they don’t. In fact, most live cam sites have moderators who text chat for models.

Since many cam girls are international, most of them don’t speak very well English; that’s where moderators come in. Cam models begin by saying a few short phrases to their viewers, but then moderators take over the conversation without anyone ever knowing.

The moderators take over the conversation in order to keep viewers entertained and to also allow the model to do her thing without having to waste time typing. However, moderators are so good at pretending to be the models, that nobody can tell a difference. Some models ever pretend to type every now and again to avoid confusion. This particularly happens when models are taken into private shows and want to provide the ultimate experience without having to type.

Moderators are Guys

That’s right, many moderators are actually guys. That means that you could very well be text chatting with dudes while admiring sexy girls. It also means that a guy is watching the entire experience even when you’re enjoy private chats. However, everything remains anonymous and the entire point of moderators is to provide you with an enjoyable time. Without moderators taking over, you would probably not hear back from the models when you chat with them. So it’s often better to imagine it’s the actual model chatting than to think of the guy behind the typed words.

Multiple Models

Moderators are well trained to be the invisible puppet master. Nobody knows when they take over and nobody can tell a difference. However, they are there and make the entire experience much more enjoyable. Moderators are so good at what they do that they can actually control multiple conversations simultaneously. Many cam site moderators pretend to be about half a dozen models at the same time. They interact with viewers and keep track of all the conversations at the same time.